Bauwelt 23.2023

Das Büro Fruehauf, Henry & Viladoms hat eine Genossenschaft um einen Wohnbau für Genossen ergänzt, die aufgrund gestiegenen Einkommens ihren Anspruch auf subventionierten Wohnraum verloren haben. Bauwelt

Best Architects 2023

Boveresses housing published on the bestarchitects 2023 winners book. bestarchitectes2023

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arc award mag 2022

Boveresses housing published in the arc award magazine 2022. Arc Award 2022

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Boveresses Housing published in espazium "Culture du bâti qualité et critique"

Et dire que l’enfilade est parfois décrite comme ennuyeuse. Qu’il n’y aurait dans ce thème éculé rien de plus à évoquer qu’une succession de pièces, dont l’expérience spatiale ne serait ni bien novatrice, ni bien riche … Et pourtant, si le plan de nos lieux de vie est à l’image des relations sociales d’une époque, alors le dernier projet du bureau Fruehauf, Henry & Viladoms (FHV) raconte, à sa manière, certaines mutations identitaires de notre temps. Camille Claessens-Vallet
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The Swiss Residence in Arquine No. 98

Vegetation is omnipresent along the path that leads from the access patio through the house and into the garden below. Between the blocks are the common living areas, where the visual relationship with the outside is constant. Read article

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Boveresses Housing in werk bauen+wohnen 10-202

werk, bauen+wohnen 10-2021. Lausanne a city on the move. In a 1970s development in the north of the city, Fruehauf, Henry & Viladoms have intelligently added 60 new apartments to an existing development. The building creates a new center in the neighborhood.
werk, bauen+wohnen

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WA wettbewerbe aktuell 8/2020

The proposed sculpture develops logically as an annex to the Friedrich Busch House along the entire length of the plot. The building towers above its neighbors without formulating a dominant feature. Through this finely adjusted height development the work succeeds extremely precisely in marking the north entrance to the Charité from the street perspective.

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Projeter en continuité : l’extension de l’Unithèque

One of the strong qualities of the project is to allow the collections to unfold in a natural way while integrating all the elements of services that are indispensable today, but managing to make them forgotten. The project really has a spatial quality that supports this comparison of libraries to cathedrals and offers a space where this experience of acquiring knowledge is shared like an initiatory rite.
Jean-Claude Albertin is deputy director of the Cantonal and University Library of Lausanne, responsible for the Unithèque site.

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65 De aedibus, Quart Verlag

Claudius Fruehauf, Guillaume Henry and Carlos Viladoms have different backgrounds, but run the Lausanne office together. Since 2008, all three of them have won a conspicuous number of competitions. Among those that have been constructed are a housing development with a very urban atmosphere, including a cruciform interior courtyard and an unusual administrative building in Saint-Sulpice.
Editor: Heinz Wirz

De aedibus 65 - Notat
Heinz Wirz

Trio in der dritten Dimension / Trio in the third dimension
Niklaus Graber

System oder Figuren / System or fugures
Jaques Lucan

L'Unitheque, Dorigny
Andreas Bründler

65 De aedibus