University library
Lausanne, 2016 -2025

Built behind the existing library building, the extension protrudes only a few meters above it, giving a glimpse of its presence from the south and extending the terrace principle of the Cocchi building. A slender construction rises from the roof like a lighthouse, the only clear sign of the new extension. It also serves to channel natural light into the main entrance. The extension provides a spacious reading room containing book collections and study areas. It is covered by a 33-meter single-span concrete beam roof. The roof system allows diffused natural light to pass through to offer users the best lighting conditions. Three terraces follow the natural slope of the surrounding terrain. The lower reference floor connects directly to the main floor of the existing library building. This allows the two buildings to function as one.

Competition, 1st Prize
Client : Etat de Vaud
Project manager: Gabriela Bratu
Project team: Camille Delaunay, Joëlle Cruchon, Marc Tarantola, Sandra Villiger, Christopher El
Hayek, Christophe Pittet, Kilian Diserens