Aiglon Arts Building

The project is based on the idea of bringing the Aiglon College community together. It offers a clearly defined outsite meeting space which is located over the assembly and performance hall. The central core of the project, defined by those two elements organizes the whole building. The groundfloor and the first floor get natural light through the courtyard. All music practice suites are located around it. The spaces of the lower floors are distributed as one surface surrounding the performance hall. Generous stairs allow the visitors to reach the blackbox, the assembly and performance hall and the music recital hall. This organisation principle allows a very high flexibility in the use of the spaces dedicated to the dramatics arts, considering them as one continuous space. Nevertheless, big sliding doors allow to clearly partition them.

International competition: 2nd Prize
Client: Aiglon College
Team: Claudius Fruehauf, Guillaume
Henry, Carlos Viladoms, Gabriela Bratu