Saint-Sulpice II
Lausanne, 2012-2014

The administrative building commissioned by the same project owner as the adjacent residential structure has been developed with a view to creating an exchange between the two projects. This can primarily be seen in the geometry of the buildings, with the “pleated” façades emphasising the free standing character, and in the materiality thanks to the predominance of concrete, metal and glass.
The building is accessed via a large entrance opening onto a central lobby bathed in natural light from above. The lobby cascades upwards with a staircase leading to the first floor. The structure is designed as an in-situ cast concrete outer grille. The underlying slabs run from the central hub to the façade, freeing the two office spaces of all structural elements.

Private commission
Client: Edipresse Groupe
Team: Claudius Fruehauf, Guillaume
Henry, Carlos Viladoms, Francesca
Fraschini, Alberto Sols, Remy Cottin